"Since applying the Hubbard management system to our dental practice, it has been very productive. Our challenge is now to continuously create time in the schedule to treat the large volume of new patients that we are attracting from our advertising. We increased income 16% over last year.

"We work as a group to keep in the Model of Admin Know-How Program, managing by statistics and making objective changes to marketing, sales and organization systems, based on applying condition formulas to the various areas. We have had to become more effective in our sales and we have developed an exact sales process. The sales process starts when the phone rings and then being very exact and deliberate in applying proven case acceptance technology to improve the closing rate.

"The practice has allowed me to expand my Consulting/Training business and I am teaching clients to do what we have done by training them and their staff on the Hubbard management system and they are winning with it as well and referring their colleagues.

"There has been much talk in the media of late in regards to increasing national debt and shrinking values of stock portfolios. I feel very fortunate to have certainty in applying the Hubbard management system in our business and have a blast giving others that same certainty."

Jeff Palmer, CEO
McKean Comprehensive Family Dentistry & CEO - Effective Management Solutions