"When I first discovered the Hubbard management system, I was only nine months out of chiropractic school. With sheer determinism I had figured out how to open a practice on my own, with only a small loan from my parents and a couple of credit cards. The only thing I had going for me was that I was very skilled as a chiropractor and had no choice but to succeed. About nine months after opening the clinic I was doing fairly well considering my recent start, but was dissatisfied with the fact that I was doing almost everything in the business myself and could see minimal future expansion with my carrying all of the extra workload.

"It was about that time that I was introduced to the Hubbard management system and I began using it in my practice. Within thirty days I doubled the clinic gross income and then did it again sixty days later. As I learned how to properly find and manage staff, I was able to build a team that now runs one of the largest single location chiropractic offices in the world. It's been nine years now and I've 15xed my average monthly gross income, built a wonderful staff that services our clientele and have fully phased out of the practice, allowing me to open more practices and also develop a WISE consulting company which is one of the largest in the world, specializing in teaching Hubbard management technology to healthcare professionals.

"I chose to become a doctor because I saw it as a way to help others. WISE has helped me to expand the help I can offer to others, from a few hundred people I served personally as a doctor to tens of thousands of people served through my clinics and those clinics that I have helped to build through the consulting company, all of whom may have otherwise gone without help had I not understood the basics of business administration.

"Without a doubt, WISE and the Hubbard management system has helped me build a wonderful life for myself and my family, and has allowed me to make significant progress towards my goal of making safe and effective health care available to everyone."

Eric Huntington, BS, DC