"A while ago we were not doing well at all. We both were very introverted and felt like there was nothing we could do to flourish and prosper in a bad economy. We were just getting by, barely. Another WISE member sat Glenn down and offered him help. He spent a couple hours with Glenn and asked us to start graphing our gross income. He said, how can you apply the correct formula if you don't even know what condition you are in?

"We started graphing our GI and applying conditions on a weekly basis and putting in basic administration. Then, we started using the new WISE Prosperity Planners and writing our To-Do-Lists on a daily basis. That literally made us get so much more done in the same amount of time. After that, we both completed the Organizing Board and Admin Know-How courses. We went from barely making $30k a year to $30k a week in just a matter of months. Straight UP and vertical ever since! Wow! The Hubbard management system is AMAZING!"

Glenn & Jonica Hough
Electric Saver 1200