"Our company has grown 40% on average every year since implementing the Hubbard management system. Even in the "recession" we are expanding and opening a second dental office location. Our success is attributed to following policy laid out by Mr. Hubbard as it is written, with no alterations.

"I love Hubbard's Policy Letter of 27 Nov., MONEY. It really set my thoughts straight on not only my economic standing but that of our country. It is a reference I read regularly.

"Key to our success is training our staff on the Hubbard management system. Our staff do the basic line-up of courses: Study Skills for Life, Basic Hat for Employees, Ups and Downs, How to Get Along with Others and Personal Integrity. Getting in the basic line-up for new staff helps them on the job and experience personal gains too.

"Upper level staff like Division Heads and Executives train on a line-up of WISE courses as programmed out according to their divisions. We do all training on-site in our company course room.

"With myself and the staff implementing the Hubbard management system, I have been able to create the time to travel as a management speaker and I am now helping other doctors discover the power of the Hubbard management system."

Dr. Leslie Glassbrenner, Dentist