"I got interested in using the Hubbard management system through Scientology. As a Scientologist it was a resource I trusted. I had just started a business and had no formal education—no business training. With the Hubbard management system I could search the subject index and in most cases find a reference that would help me. By using these policies I was able to achieve complete order. At the same time the group could understand what was happening and what was expected of them.

"There is no way I could have done what I have without utilizing the Hubbard management system. I built my company from the ground up with no capital injections to a thriving company with 192 staff and revenue of over 20 million projected and on target to achieve this year.

"I found the policies quite easy to implement because I have a core group of executives who are totally on the same page with me. The long term benefits of implementing various Hubbard management system policies have been growth and understanding how to grow.

"The advice I would give fellow WISE members and business owners about using the Hubbard management system in their businesses is don't just READ the data—implement it and USE it."

Joy Gendusa, Founder and CEO