"After over two decades of continuous expansion, in 2008 our regular marketing stopped working and one of our main customer bases dried out, upper-middle class people who wanted to restore an old house. At the time we looked over our customer base to see who was still spending money and who we had been profitable from, and it was churches, the government and really wealthy people. We reorganized our marketing and business to target these public.

"We applied Hubbard's Policy Letter of 11 June 1974, "The 'Economy" and used his Chart of Human Evaluation. In doing so, we realized that we were pandering to a small percentage of problematic personnel and started to push statistics and production instead, as Mr. Hubbard states to do in many of his management policies. We also applied this information to our customers and decided not to accept difficult clients.

"All of these measures resulted in becoming more profitable than ever!"

John Chan, Owner
Durable Slate and Durable Restoration