John W. Stout, Computer Consultant
Founder and President, Stout Systems

“The MAKH program gave us an opportunity and the impetus to really look at how we were applying the Hubbard management system.

“Our company was relatively young when we implemented the program but the key executives had been in the software industry for some time, and did well at it. We felt that we needed to further implement the Hubbard management system into what we were doing so that we could further increase our potential to flourish and prosper.

“It smoothed out our network of business contacts and helped us define which areas of the business were undermanned. It also helped to identify areas where we could increase activity such as promotion and business development.

“The biggest success is of course the continuously rising statistics. Applying formulas for success and long-term strategic planning to what we do has helped us weather economic ups and downs and continue to grow despite all outside pressure. It has also given our staff a point of reality from which to base all activity. The principles of the Hubbard management system create solid tools that we can use to create power in our sphere of influence.

“Being a software company without a central office, i.e. ‘virtual’, our production employees are scattered across a wide geographic area. This has led to some creative solutions for handling communications, organizational charts and information centers. Our solutions work well but they took a little more effort to implement than other companies might experience.

“Applying this system is easy. It may seem like ‘more work’ but in actuality, it's less. Once grooved in, it becomes a very efficient operating basis from which to grow.

“At Stout Systems, the Hubbard management system is the core operating principle of our business. Every action our executives take is based on this methodology, which has been consistently successful when properly used by our company.

“To stay on top in any business, an executive has to be able to think on his or her feet and be ready to rapidly adjust activity. That requires correct administrative fundamentals for use in creating effective solutions.

“This is our thirteenth straight year using The Model of Admin Know-How Program. MAKH is the best solution to rapidly implement and maintain the use of the Hubbard management system in any company.

“2010 was a challenging year for many businesses. While besieged by bad news and a chaotic environment, the ‘reasons’ and ‘solutions’ offered by others simply do not lead to long term survival. That’s why we apply the Hubbard management system relentlessly to achieve our goals. Armed with the program, we were able to expand and exceed our goals; our key statistics contunie to climb nicely.

“For any WISE member, flourishing and prospering should be the only option.

“Once again, thank you to WISE for The Model of Admin Know-How Program. And our deepest appreciation to Mr. Hubbard!”