Leo J. McCormick, DC
McCormick Chiropractic

“My WISE consultant had mentioned The Model of Admin Know-How Program. I had quite a bit of it implemented already. Then I sold my office (for a healthy profit) and took time off to do some study. About a year later, I decided to open another office and that the easiest way to do it right was to put the MAKH in from the start. The office immediately expanded and within 3 months we were break-even and statistics have been up ever since. We are now going for our 8th or 9th consecutive MAKH award. It is our key to a calm, successful and fun business. It is all laid out for you and it follows Mr. Hubbard's policies. It is a no-brainer. The first submission was the hardest, but each year it is easier to keep it in than not. My company is not only a model of the Hubbard management system, but a model Chiropractic office in my community. Patients and vendors love to see our displayed org board and always compliment us on our organization. The main successes in being a MAKH office is that it has freed my wife and I to pursue other important interests. I was also able to volunteer in the community. My office and life are busy because I can design it anyway I like. My company is stable with me there or not there, because the MAKH runs itself.

“The best way to put the MAKH in is one step at a time. Just follow the book/checksheet. One step at a time and poof! You are done and stable and profitable.

“I thank WISE EUS, Luis Colon, Revein Marcus, and of course Mr. Hubbard for enriching my life. 

“Just do it.”