Rushikesh Trivedi, Owner
Preferred Dental Care Group of Practices, NY

“My office has won the MAKH award 3 years in a row, but I began the implementation of the Hubbard management system in 2004 through my consulting group, MGE.

“The first application of the Hubbard management system was of basic best-practices related to business. While we had been successful in our practice, we soon took off like rockets. 

“Gradually we began establishing the training area as our first Model of Admin Know How step. I held workshops a few hours a week and my staff started getting trained in their respective jobs and duties. I routinely was sending my executives and key staff to learn more and more of the Hubbard management system in Florida, and my wife and I took every available WISE service we could.

“We now have a full-time trainer and two offices. We continue to train all our staff and encourage it weekly. Our staff know the key definitions and core activities of our business and we routinely review this material in our meetings together.

“The general morale and willingness of the staff has risen from the start, and we now have a much more willing and able team. We learned how to build a team, and how to run one well and happily.

“Statistics were an easy and logical next step, and we have used statistics not only to manage, but also as a source of games and rewards. 

“By knowing Financial Management, we know when we are profitable and the whole team gets involved in achieving goals for production and income, and when they achieve their goals, bonuses are paid. As well, individuals who contribute to these accomplishments receive gifts like manicures, movie tickets, gift cards, etc. Our team loves to play games!

“The key to our successful implementation of The Model of Admin Know-How has been:

    1. Personal involvement from the top of the company
    2. Simplicity and basics

“Our statistics have increased 10-fold since our first introduction to the Hubbard management system, and continued to rise each year through the alleged economic hard times. During this time, we even opened a beautiful new office, and both offices are now continuing to expand.”