Jeff Merritt, Structural Repair and Renovation Specialist
Owner and CEO of J. C. Merritt General Contractors, Inc.

“Since finally getting on target with my MAKH, opportunities in my business have opened up for me to be more focused not only on expansion but on planning my future. Time is moving by so rapidly now and, in order to maintain sanity within the company, I have no choice but to be organized! So much energy has been freed up and without the tools of the Hubbard management system, it most likely would have overwhelmed me! It’s like playing solitaire, where the entire departments can be laid out in their own column and be viewed, organized and implemented. It’s now that simple!

“My construction company is about the only firm that I know of that has been working full time, with no layoffs and hiring, and with job bids being landed weekly. I am experiencing the highest consistent climbing stats ever all year long in these so called ‘worst economic times ever’ and have been all year long. With all the work we are presently contracted for, we are booked up until May of next year and that does not count what may arrive this week and any contracts landed between now and May of next year!

"Many, Many thanks to Mr. Hubbard!”