Carol Lane receiving the Leader of Legion Award for taking leadership in community service.

Carol Lane, Physical Therapist
Results Physical Therapy

“I have been using the Hubbard management system for five years and couldn’t be happier with what I’ve been able to accomplish—not only for my business, but for my family and community as well. I have expanded from one small, insolvent physical therapy office to three totally solvent physical therapy offices and both a children and adult fitness center. I can run my business with much less stress, and I can do this while raising four kids as a single Mom, and still have time to help introduce WISE to other business owners.

“I have definitely hit some ‘bumps in the road’ along the way, but knowing this management system has always allowed me to come through and move into higher levels of success! I have learned through experience that Mr. Hubbard’s management system has answers for any problem I have encountered. I look forward to going to work every day!

In addition, I always have access to the extremely knowledgeable people at WISE to help me find the right tool to solve any situation, such as handling personnel, learning more about marketing and sales, analyzing statistics, and organizational tools to increase my efficiency.

“Thank you so much to WISE for your help and to Mr. Hubbard for his brilliancy in creating this awesome management technology!”