Deirdre Donnelly, Occupational Therapist
Owner of Pinnacle Rehab Staffing

“WISE not only afforded me the tools to organize my firm and make it thrive, but I experienced hands-on, practical application to my business at every single meeting. I had completed my master’s degree in business administration (MBA) in 2005, but hadn’t learned how to apply all this knowledge; so I did not have the confidence to expand into the business world and hadn’t used this degree four years later. I joined WISE in June 2009 and completed the Model of Administration Know-How (MAKH) two months later. In two months I had learned and applied to my profession the six fundamental systems to organize and run any business. This was knowledge more valuable and useful than I had learned in 18 courses on my MBA. Three months after that, I opened the doors of my first venture and have experienced consistent rises in my income to highest ever. It was the hands on, practical application of Mr. Hubbard’s technology at the weekly WISE meetings and the individualized attention that made my success possible.”