The BEC courseroom in Chicago services local WISE members and their staff

Staff Training

Key to successful personnel handling!

Training employees on the Hubbard management system is fundamental to growth and stability. Staff who know this system can build an organization which knows what it is doing, is able to rapidly and effectively correct itself and whose employees are, on their own volition, all forwarding strategy.

The most efficient and cost effective way to train employees is using an in-house training program. The Model of Admin Know-How workbook details how to set up such an on-site training program.

A WISE Company Membership or higher membership entitles you to establish an in-house course room to deliver 11 WISE courses covering the fundamentals of Hubbard management technology, as well as L. Ron Hubbard's study technology courses. A WISE Corporate Membership allows you to train staff on all the 26 WISE courses available.

WISE offers training for one of your employees to become a Company Trainer. Contact our office to find out how you can receive the Company Trainer checksheet (list of articles and practical assignments to be studied). Courses using quotes and articles from L. Ron Hubbard can also be compiled. More information on how to do this can be obtained from Membership Support Services at 1-800-477-WISE.

"Any type of membership or role or post in the whole organization or its field requires individual and team training. Only where you have a group member who will not or cannot bring himself to have and wear a hat will you have any trouble."

(From Pesonnel Series 14, "Group Sanity" by L.Ron Hubbard)

Staff Training Course Packs

WISE course subjects covered include finance, marketing, study, leadership, ethics, relationships, human evaluation, management by statistics, organizational and management basics and more!