Keith Schare, owner of Schare &
Associates, shows one of the fruits
his company uses to make
juice concentrates

THE MAKH Program: The Product

Streamline getting your products and services made and out!

Learn how to determine the exact products that each of the areas of your business should be producing. Work out what are the necessary steps and subproducts to achieve these products.

"People can be very busy without producing anything. The busyness of people can sometimes be rather misdirected.

"By having an exact list of subproducts, a staff gets a very good reality on what productive busyness is. They will coordinate their busyness and drop out nonproductive busyness and real org VFPs will begin to appear."

MAKH Workbook ("Subproducts, How to Compile a Subproduct List" by L. Ron Hubbard)

Product: "... a product is a finished high-quality service or article, in the hands of the being or group it serves as an exchange for a valuable." —L. Ron Hubbard

VFP: Valuable Final Product. "By definition, a valuable final product is something that can be exchanged with other activities in return for support. The support usually adds up to food, clothing, shelter, money, tolerance and cooperation (goodwill)." —L. Ron Hubbard