MAKH Winner Dr. Joel Benk, dentist, reviews his organizing board with staff

THE MAKH Program: Organization

Create an efficient and
prosperous business

Mr. Hubbard discovered the exact functions which comprise the universal cycle of production — the steps to create a product or deliver a service. Regardless of the type of business, omitted functions from this cycle can prevent high-quality products from being produced in a large and viable volume.

These functions are made into "hats" and laid out in an organizational chart known as an "organizing board" or org board. It is a pattern that can be applied to any organization, from three people to 100,000.

"The org board shows the pattern of organizing to obtain a product.

"A board then is a flow chart of consecutive products brought about by terminals in series.

"We see these terminals as 'posts' or positions.

"Each one of these is a hat.

"There is a flow along these hats.

"The result of the whole board is a product.

"The product of each hat on the board adds up to the total product."

MAKH Workbook ("Organizing and Hats" by L.Ron Hubbard)