Clearwater, Florida WISE company Postcard Mania helps companies apply the condition of Emergency, one of the Conditions Formulas, by helping businesses market

The Conditions Formulas

Your tool for expansion

Your business and every section of it is in a specific state of operation, or condition, at any given time. Mr. Hubbard discovered the formulas that would raise a condition to a higher operating level.

Whatever your situation, whether you are experiencing difficulties or successfully expanding, applying the conditions formulas exactly as laid out by Mr. Hubbard will get your business where you want it to go.

“An organization or its part or an individual passes through various states of existence. These, if not handled properly, bring about shrinkage and misery and worry and death. If handled properly they bring about stability, expansion, influence and well-being.”

MAKH Workbook (“The Conditions Formulas” by L.Ron Hubbard)