The New Haven BEC conducts regular MAKH workshops to help local businesses

Physical Therapist Dierdre Donnely receives her first year MAKH award.

Your Route to Expansion
& Prosperity

The Model of Admin Know-How Program — Tools to succeed in your business

WISE has created a series of tools to assist their members achieve success and prosperity in their businesses. Central to these tools is the Model of Admin Know-How Program, or "MAKH" for short.

The Model of Administrative Know-How Program was put together so a person who has little or no experience with implementing the Hubbard Management System can immediately learn and apply these procedures in their business.

It covers basic organizational principles vital for any business to succeed by helping you create a stable and expanding organization. It will give you the know-how to

  • start, grow or turn around your business
  • organize your business for efficiency and effectiveness
  • organize while you are coping with day-to-day work
  • manage your time and hats
  • manage your finances

The Model of Know-How Program comes with a workbook laid out with some of the basic principals of the Hubbard Management System and programs to implement these.

Getting Started

Your first step on the route to a stable and expanding business is to contact the WISE EUS office for the Model of Admin Know-How workbook. This will give you a step-by-step guide to implementation of the basic organizational principles. To have the workbook mailed to you, contact WISE EUS at 212-581-5757 or

If you need assistance to implement the programs in the Model of Admin Know-How workbook, you can contact WISE Membership Support Service at 1-800-477-WISE or

For additional help, contact your local Business Expansion Club (click the directory at the top of the page). Often your local WISE chapter will provide workshops and other events to assist you in understanding and applying the information in the Model of Admin Know-How Program.

Our Model of Admin Know-How Winners Game

Putting in your organizational basics is quite an achievement and deserves a big acknowledgement! Once you have all your program steps implemented, you can send the WISE EUS office proof of their completion and you will become an official Model of Admin Know-How Winner. You will be invited to receive your award at our beautiful awards banquet.